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okay. >> reporter: after the crash, the ferry, ms san francisco, continued to the city and then returned to sausalito where it was taken out of service. the golden gate ferry was also out of service. passengers were told their trip was cancelled due to an accident. >> if we were going to be stuck here for an hour, what a finer place to be stuck in, than san francisco. there is the bridge here, coffee right here. >> kind of an inconvenience, but we're just going to go in the ferry building and get some food, so we'll be okay. >> reporter: ferry passengers say they understand accidents happen and just hope the two injured boaters are okay. >> you know it is one of those things. >> i feel safe when i'm on the ferry, i don't worry about it. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the golden gate former you service, all crew members who were on board the ferry involved in the crash will be drug-tested. and are on paid administrative leave pending the outlook of a
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coast guard investigation. live, sausalito, kimberly terry, bay area news. and new at 11:00, a man is recovering from minor cuts and bruises after driving his motorcycle into the neighbor's house. he was trying out his brand-new motorcycle when he shot into the other man's house. the man was not wearing a helmet at the time. nobody was home at the neighbor's house and nobody else was injured. we are learning more about the man who died in nevada when he crashed into the back of the big rig. it was 43-year-old christopher gianoli, he drove near atherton avenue and slammed into the tanker parked on the shoulder. police say they don't believe alcohol played a role, he died at the scene. and an early morning fire takes the life of a 10-year-old
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girl. several people escaped from the apartment complex on mariner avenue. despite the best efforts of people and firefighters, the girl could not be saved. this is a cell phone video of what the fire looked like early this morning. the 10-year-old girl was trapped on the second floor, screaming for help. neighbors responded. >> i sprayed around me so i could get up the stairs. and when i got up the first flight of stairs the fire was melting on me and stuff, i started crying, i was hurting the baby. i couldn't get up there, i jumped off the stairs. sprayed around so you could get back up, the windows started to blow out. >> reporter: and firefighters tried to rescue her, as well, one injured falling through the second floor to the first. but nobody could get to the girl. >> so any time we have a loss it is a tragedy. kids seem to hurt more, because we're all parents and all seem to have kids. and sometimes, you know we all do our best to protect the kids.
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and it is a tough situation when something like that happens. and we do everything possible that we can to get to make a rescue in time to save somebody. >> reporter: authorities say a total of six people lived in that one apartment, and all but the girl escaped. dozens of others were displaced, as well. the red cross is helping them tonight. and catholic charities manages the apartment and tells us that many of them living there were formerly homeless families, including a number of children. nobody was hurt in a fire in pacifica, happening at a towing yard on palmetto avenue. they linked the fire to the shop next door. >> 911, my building is on fire. there is a wrecking yard next door with cars and gas tanks. you can hear things blowing up at the time. okay? and then i ran out. >> investigators are still
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trying to determine a cause of the fire. and scientists call yesterday's meteor crash in russia a wake-up call for man to spend more on the detection of meteors. and more from the south bay with the plan to help save planet earth, hello, bob. >> reporter: good afternoon or evening to you, diane and terry, considering this fact, the astronomers have id 'd the meteor, but science has only identified 1% of the meteors. which means we don't know anything else about the other 99%, where they're located and most importantly, where they're headed. inside this nondescript office building in mountain view, scientists, including a couple of former astronauts are on a mission to help stop what
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happened last night in siberia, when a huge meteor blasted through the area, blowing out windows, injuring people. if only we had seen it coming. this foundation hopes to give us the extra set of eyes in the sky. for the past several months, the nonprofit in the bay area has been raising money to build a telescope that orbits the sun by 2018. it is expected to discover more asteroids than any other element, they hope to deflect any large object heading to the planet. >> i think it is a wake-up call, especially when you consider it happened the same time, exact same day as the asteroid fly-by. so we're becoming very aware. >> reporter: yesterday, a 100 foot asteroid passed within,
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17,000 milines of our planet. too late to do anything if it was to hit us. >> we live in a shooting gallery and got into a cross fire. >> reporter: and that cross fire was aimed at us, as well, yesterday, terry and diane. this is video of a bright light streaking across the skies last night at 8:00. quite a big deal to anybody who saw it. but cosmically speaking, not so much. today, the meteor society said it was not a big event, pointing out it happens all over the world, just not where there are heavily populated areas where people like us get to see it. all right, thank you bob. there is a massive cleanup effort under way in russia, the shock wave from yesterday's meteorite blew out windows in the buildings. officials promise to have the windows fixed within a week, but
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that is a long way to wait, when the temperature is about ten degrees. many are still in the hospital tonight. and a surprising twist in the christopher dorner drama. >> it would have been really good to hear his side of the story. >> why dozens are protesting the manhunt for the fugitive ex-cop, accused of killing four people. and plus, why bmw is recalling more than a half million of its cars. and it is named after one of the world's fastest cars. and our temperatures kick off this holiday weekend. they hit the 70s earlier. now, the seabreeze is picking up. 40 outside, the seven-day forecast is bringing a real winter blast our way, some rain in low elevations. snow in parts of california, when it arrives, coming up when we come right back. giovann
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. a few du dozen people calli themselves we stand with christopher dorner, were in california today. jane yamamoto has a look at the demonstration. >> reporter: carrying signs that said clear his name, christopher dorner. >> we want the truth. >> reporter: some wore masks, representing victims of police brutality. you wish that christopher dorner survived? >> yes, in a way. because it would have been really good to hear his side of the story. >> reporter: a small group of
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demonstrators gathered outside the police headquarters, saying they stand for christopher dorner. the ex-police officer suspected of killing at least two people, the focus of a manhunt that ended on tuesday in a gun battle, followed by an explosion in a cabin, and then christopher dorner's death. this former marine, one of the organizers of the protest questioned how the police standoff ended. the san bernardino county sheriff john mcmahon said they fired the tear gas into the cabin, but denied they intent n intentionally set the fire in the cabin. >> the law enforcement is not the judge or jury, they're not supposed to be the executioner, and if you have those three things it is probably called a police state. >> reporter: the manifesto set off sympathizers. many believe that dorner was the victim of police corruption when
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he was allegedly fired back in 2009. do you support christopher dorner? >> i don't support what he did, it is tragic lives were lost. >> and yesterday, the autopsy was released, showing dorner's cause of death was a single gunshot to the head. the family of oscar pistorius, the south african who was accused of shooting his girlfriend, is numb as well as filled with grief over reeva steencamp's death. pistorius, who was a double amputee, is charged with her murder and is yet to enter a plea, his family says -- says he is innocent. and there could be a clear path to citizenship in eight years, the white house plans to move forward with the plan. according to the white house
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draft, the immigrants would have to pass a criminal background check, submit identifying information, and pay fees for new visas, and then could apply for a work visa if they learn english, and pay back taxes. this would clear the way for citizenship. the plan includes new security rules and guidelines and hiring plans for businesses. and company saying the cars can stall because of a problem with the battery cable connecter. the recall affects popular three series sedans, wagons, and convertibles and coupes. the battery could cause minor collisions, but no injuries have been happened as a result. and many on the cruise ship triumph considering lawsuits, as well. investigators are there trying to determine the cause of the
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fire that left people stranded for days. a woman from texas filed the first suit, saying they failed to provide a sea-worthy vessel. others are filing lawsuits as well. and speaking of travel, the world's largest travel show is under way at the clark convention center. full of travel experts, including travel show house. it features travel deals and activities for the family, from zip lining to rock lining. we asked visitors if it would impact their future travel decisions. >> and i think would i be leery of going again on a cruise ship? i think a train journey may be better, at least you're on land. if there is a disaster you can easily access the land. >> the travel and adventure show continues tomorrow from 11 to 4:00 at the santa clara convention center. and it is one of the most dangerous sailing trips in the
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world, 3,000 miles, off the southern tip of south america. and the crew on the maserati broke the record, the old record was set in 1998. they didn't just beat it. they beat it by 11 days. >> world records are not that easy to come by. we're very fortunate to have managed to do it. when we set out to do it, we wanted to set a reference time that would be difficult for whoever comes after us to be. and i think we have managed to accomplish that, for sure. >> the nine-member crew says the trip was not easy, the waves in the southern ocean can get to 50 feet high. they say they're looking forward to a good meal. right now, the look over san francisco, the bay ridge looking gorgeous, from emoryville. let's check with rob mayeda on the weather. >> yes, the change will develop
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over the next 48 hours, the holiday would finish on a dry note. the seabreeze is picking up. patchy low clouds could be seen tomorrow, in oakland, winds at 10 miles an hour, and nevada, low clouds, moving into the coast and the bay tonight. the rain-producing clouds should hold off until later on monday. the pattern change you will see will go from the mild pattern, the high pressure, keeping us dry, unusually warm. highs in the 60s and 70s, to one that is going to allow the air from the gulf of alaska to come surging monday night into tuesday. the temperatures will be cooler, highs in the low 50s, the rain starting out at 4,000 feet, tuesday night, wednesday morning could be as low as 3,000 feet. so obviously, mt. hamilton, mt. diablo, and mt. st. helena,
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could see a dusting as we go to tuesday night. mostly sunny skies, cooler, temperatures dropping about 5 to 7 degrees for sunday's highs. and then monday we'll deal with more clouds and low clouds for the morning. and then it is the afternoon that we'll see increasing clouds, a chance of showers in the north bay right after sundown. but the main event comes monday, midnight, into tuesday morning. a wet commute, things running down by tuesday evening. colder air surging in, and snow around mt. hamilton by tuesday evening. the rain, mainly a tuesday evening event, quarter inch to maybe a quarter inch of rain around sonoma county and the santa cruz mountains. the snowpack, looks like we should see a foot of snow in the sierra by tuesday night. tomorrow morning, patchy low
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clouds, dry on sunday, the highs, mid-60s, not bad around the valley, san jose, low 60s, 59 san francisco, and 62 for santa rosa. so from here temperatures will continue to drop off. the most active weather day will be tuesday. you can clearly see that. the coolest and the wettest day for us. little breezy, too. wednesday now looking mainly dry. we'll be in between systems and perhaps a few more showers for thursday into friday. but the cold system not bringing as much moisture, the three-day holiday weekend looks like we'll wrap it up dry, tuesday could be pretty interesting, low snow levels, rain and wind reminder, february is still part of winter as if we need to see that. >> that should be the normal forecast, we just haven't seen it. thank you, rob. let's check in with henry wolford of comcast sports net. what is happening, henry?
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>> reporter: i tell you, big stories, the 32-year-old horse racing tradition, we'll talk about that. and stanford, looking for a sweep on the hard drive. can stef find his stroke? all next in sports. hello?
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welcome back to nbc bay area, the el camino real derby
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was first run in 1982, world famous, for the kentucky derby. yes, golden gate the place to be, for the 32nd running of the derby. the top 4-year-old colt, show time. >> hitting the lead, counting days, nine. >> flavor wins big, with no problem at all. a 20-1 long shot on the morning line, went off at 6-1 just before the race. over the ucla and stanford at maple, second half, stanford down four, pal drives the lane, gets the bucket. minute late, stanford down three. throws a head to andy brown for
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the layup. 1-point game again, two minutes ago, stanford down five, mohamed hits the three and gets the foul. he will complete the 4-point play. stanford loses, 888-80. and stef curry heats up, 17 points not enough to advance to the finals where kyree irving misses, putting up 23 points to beat matt bonner for the title. don't forget the all-star game tomorrow at 9:00. . irvin, w
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relief tonight after a rescue at sea, crews freed this young dolphin caught in a fishing line off the coast of la jolla, once freed, the dolphin swam to other dolphins that were apparently keeping watch nearby. they were concerned about their buddy. >> all right, thank you for joining us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. all new saturday night live is up next.
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hello, hello, everyone. hi. welcome back. welcome back to the fiesta ballroom here on carnival cruise triumph, okay. i am your cruise director dean and this is my assistant director diana. >> and can i say for people that have not showered in four days, you guys look great. >> you do. yeah. just because we're stuck in the middle of the ocean with no working toilets doesn't mean we can't have some fun, all right. first, a tiny update. >> as we informed you yesterday, a tug boat is pulling us back to shore shgs which is great news. >> sure is. a slight snag. the tow line broke. zbl wah-wah. >> yeah, yeah, okay, dry those eyes and get ready to laugh because up next, you know him from the punch liner comedy brunch, please welcome ship comedian reggie davis. reggie, come on out.
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>> you know, if chris rock were here, i bet he would say don't anybody want to go on a cruise? you all going to die on this boat. what else? what else? what else? [ laughter ] i am sorry. okay, i can't tell no more jokes. there is doogies on the wall, man. how this get on the wall? how does that happen? >> all right. okay. okay. all right. that's reggie davis, everyone. reggie davis. funny guy. [ cheers and applause ] >> if anyone here is going to be in seattle next weekend, reggie will be headlining at funny bone. >> yeah. speaking of headlines. one of the helicopters flying above dropped down a couple papers. we thought we would catch you up on what you missed this week. >> there is no god! >> hey, hey, there is a god. there is a god. he did not abandon us, okay. t'

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